Robert Wech began his education
as an organ designer and builder
in l984 with the firm of Hubert
Sandtner in Dillingen/Donau and
in the Technical School for Musical
Instrument Design and Production
in Ludwigsburg, where he learned
the fundamentals of his profession.
After passing his journeyman’s
examination and completing his
required Army service (with the
First Music Corps in Hannover) he
worked for several years with his
first mentors in the Hubert Sandtner
firm before he began his journeyman years with other firms.

Andreas M. Ott’s workshop in Bensheim and the firm of Rieger Organ Builders in Austria were his next stops before returning to the Technical School in Ludwigsburg to take the Master’s Course and be awarded his Master’s Certificate in Organ Craftsmanship.

With this certificate, he went to the

firm of Martin Pasi in Tacoma, Washington, where he became especially interested in historical techniques for organ building. This knowledge and interest is still an essential part of his work

After returning to Europe in 1997, he resumed working with Rieger, in Austria, before becoming an independent contractor with various domestic and foreign firms. After these many years of schooling and on-the-job experience in all aspects of organ craftsmanship, he opened his own firm in 2001 with a number of assistants.